Family Matters

Family matters. Yeah it matters a lot

We've ever heard this phrase : "You don't choose your family. They are God's ft to you,as you are to them."

A well said quote by Desmond Tutu that inspire our post.

A travel journey with our family. We ( Alex, Avel, Dela ) grateful enough to have a chance to bring our mom, dad and grannie to Singapore.

Though we've already gone there yet we went there separately. While celebrating dad and Alex's birthday, we also grant grandma's wish to have her short getaway. So this trip was an exciting memory we had. A refreshment. A little break from tough life. Walked 'till our feet scream out tired but our heart soar happiness at the same time. Watch the vlog here


  1. Great post, family is the most important in the whole world!

  2. Looks like so much fun with the fam! I've never been to Singapore, but I've heard it's amazing :)

    - Michelle -
    MICHELLE X PAN | A surrealist fashion blog

  3. Lovely post!