After A Sip of Coffee

Your day begins after a sip of coffee.

Quotes that we believe it suitable for opening our story. Well, while sipping a cup of coffee, we pictured ourselves explore a vacay destination together. Yeah, we wish that we able to spent holiday in unison. There hasn't a definite place yet, just a big desire to immortalized the moment. Then the idea to create Diary Anak Super was blazed. Helped by instagram, we make a media to capture our silly memories. Either it's about future vacation or even just our togetherness in coffee shop that day.

Coffee shop details :
1. Filosofi Kopi
Jl. Melawai no. 6, Blok M no. 8
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan

2. Trafique Coffee
Jl. Hang Tuah Raya no. 9
Jakarta Selatan


  1. Hope you guys enjoy writing more stories in your blog, welcome to blogging world :D

  2. Cool concept! good luck on your blog :)


  3. Wew! THat;s nice to have partner(s) in one blog! There would be so much topics and personalities to read and to explore :) Lovely <3 Hope to see more from you guys soon! especially the Japan trip.